Krios Capital is a private global investor. The firm structures and develops five-star hotels, resort and luxury residential value added projects, located mainly in Europe.

The firm’s excellence lies in a thorough understanding of how to best employ real assets to create measurable and enduring value for stakeholders.

The Krios philosophy of earth and sky, balances economic growth and essential development.  The sensitive development of real assets represented by earth, and an innate responsibility towards the environment reflected by a clear, blue sky.

PLAN well.
INVEST better.

The Krios partnership is a unique offering. We combine global reach, a deep network and exclusive focus on real estate assets, alternative and lifestyle investments. Our approach is complemented by principles of sustainability.

We are committed to delivering results through long-term partnerships with governments, entrepreneurs, owners and partners. Our resources are dedicated to creating stakeholder value through creative and collaborative funding avenues that mitigate risk.